Welcome to Bookalook
Fashion's first 360 digital showroom
The Vision
Our vision is to become the online platform for press professionals in the fashion industry.
From PRs at corporate and established brands to young and talented designers; stylists, editors, influencers and journalists all have a key role in the industry and a special place on Bookalook.
How it all started
Our millennial founders have direct experience in styling, PR and influencer work. Wether they managed samples from a showroom or requested them for a shoot, they know how boring and inefficient this process is. Bookalook is born out of the need for change.
Our Mission Statement
We created a modern, friendly and diverse platform to manage showrooms and request samples from around the globe.
Our mission is to provide the fashion industry with a democratic but curated platform where young talented designers also have an opportunity to share their work with the media and influencers.
Our Beliefs
At Bookalook we believe in a sustainable, fair and frictionless technology - made for the fashion industry, by the fashion industry.